Our Story

On October 31, 2001, the Mountain Foothills Rotary club was chartered.  It's chartering principles included serving the Evergreen community and making sure its members had fun doing so.  We're an evening club meeting at Mount Vernon Canyon Club.  The members gather either physically at Mount Vernon or via ZOOM each week before our meeting to enjoy each other's company in a social setting.  The club has always kept its dues low and made meals optional to insure the cost of belonging is not prohibitive.

The Andy Smith Memorial Special Needs golf tournament and the Ice Melt project have been the club's biggest fundraising projects.  As a result, over $400,000 has been contributed to the Evergreen Park and Recreation's INSPIRE program and to EChO. The special needs program serves over 200 special needs individuals in the extended Evergreen area, providing them with an array of wonderful events and experiences.  EChO helps those in the mountain area who find themselves in difficult financial straits.  EChO runs a substantial food bank, provides counseling services and helps ready their clients for employment opportunities.  EChO's focus is to help clients become self-sustaining.

The club has also embraced an international program called Crutches4Africa. This wonderful initiative is the brainchild of David Talbot, a polio survivor himself.  This program has shipped over 125,000 crutches and other mobility devices to 19 African countries' and 10 other countries' polio survivors, giving them the gift of mobility.  The logistics need financial support to make the shipments, and Mountain Foothills has been a significant contributor to this program both financially and in preparing the devices for shipment.  Our members have been emotionally touched by Dave's efforts to restore the gift of mobility to hundreds of thousands of recipients.

This Rotary club has had exceptional success combining service and fun.  If you want to learn more about Mountain Foothills Rotary, please accept this invitation to join us any Wednesday evening at Mount Vernon Canyon Club, email us at mfrotary0@gmail.com, or call us at (720) 655-1946. 

All are welcome. We look forward to meeting you!